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April 2nd, 2013

Members’ testimony #1

I suffer from depression and I live on my own.  When my depression is bad, I just want to go to bed and escape reality.  I know this is not good for me to do.  I attend the Basin Club, which is where I first heard about the Befrienders club.  I decided that I need to be more active and meet new people and that I had nothing to lose by going along.  If I liked it, great. If I did not like it, no problem, at least I gave it a go.  Well, it so happens that I loved it, everybody was so friendly.

The night I arrived, they had karaoke going on, this was right up my alley as I love music and singing.  It was more organised than the karaoke in pubs.  I left that night very happy that I had the courage to get up and sing without a drink, lol.  The next time I went they had a card night, now, I am not a great card player, but once I was shown how to play the game I was fine and even won a few games lol.

The next time they had a meal night on where we went to The Parliament pub.  I was a bit anxious about this because there would be members from the Finglas and Coolock clubs who I did not know, but they were all great and I made new friends from both clubs.  The next time the club had a movie night where we went to the cinema and had something to eat after the movie, again it was a great success.

Then I went on holiday to Bundoran which was absolutely brilliant.  Horse riding, surfing etc. and of course karaoke lol.  So in general the club gained me new friends, gave me more confidence, I became more outgoing, improved my mental health, became a good card player and improved my singing, lol.

Members’ testimony #2

I started going to the North Dublin Befriending Service Social Club in Finglas about 5 years ago when someone in Aware told me about it.  I was on my own all the time and I had just come out of hospital and a doctor in the hospital had said that I should go out and meet people, join some groups and get out of the house.  So, I joined and I love it.

Every 2 weeks we go to the cinema or go out for a meal or do something else and the other week we go to the clubhouse and sit and talk, play bingo or cards, watch a film or get pizzas.  We have gone away for weekends and some holidays.  I really enjoy going to the groups, it has gotten me out and helped me meet people.  I like going and meeting new people.