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Befrienders’ Holiday in Bundoran – July 2014 – updated!

August 13th, 2014

We recently took our annual Holiday to Bundoran. The weather was fine, on the whole. We took part in lots of lovely activities. We took a cruise round Donegal Bay, enjoying the lovely views and the fresh sea air (and the odd seal).

Debbie said: “Don’t rock de boat (or did we rock the boat?). Yay! I think we did! Singing and dancing up top so much fun. Donegal bay tours we loved you!”

We visited the lovely 15th Century Donegal Castle and enjoyed it inside and outside, as it also has lovely grounds. We went surfing, which was cold, but fun. In the evenings we had Karaoke and also enjoyed the music of Chris in the local hostelry. As always, we rounded our holiers off with a lovely dinner. The week was much too short. Can’t wait until next year!

Thanks to Ann for looking after us all & thanks to Celestial Green Ventures for making this great holiday possible.

Andrew’s story

The day of the holiday which I had been looking forward to for so long had arrived. The train journey down to Bundoran passed in a background of lovely scenery and lovely chats with my companions. We were to be staying in a hostel which turned out to be more like a hotel.

When I arrived in the hostel which was a stones throw from the beach, our facilitator Ann wrote down the list of activities we could choose to do on the holiday. There was a wide range of choices and I was especially looking forward to doing kayaking which I had not done since childhood.

During the holiday the highlight for me was the boat cruise around Donegal bay which I enjoyed immensely. It was so relaxing to take in the beautiful scenery. It was a wonderful surprise to see seals swimming in the sea.

The nights out in Bundoran were also full of fun as we hit the pubs and clubs. The group had a good bond of friendship. The meals at the hotel were excellent. On our last day, we went to a posh restaurant and I enjoyed my meal there as well as the beautiful view of the sea.

The holiday was a wonderful experience for me. I would recommend going on holiday with the Befrienders.

Andrew Grey


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