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NDBS invade Ireland’s Eye! 6th October 2013

October 30th, 2013

Our merry crew recently took a trip to Ireland’s Eye, the small island off the coast at Howth. The reason for our trip, apart from just having a fun day out, was for our members to practice photography skills which they had learned in a workshop the day before.

We got the ferry at noon, skippered by the very friendly Greg, who happily answered our questions about the history of Ireland’s Eye, all the while guiding us there with a steady hand. The crossing was slightly rocky at first, but with Greg at the tiller we were soon in calmer walters. The high tide meant  disembarkation wasn’t exactly a doddle, but after a mini-kerfuffle, the odd scuffed shoe and a few curses, we had soon clambered over the rocks onto dry land.

We had an hour to explore the island, which, although quite small, would really require about three or four hours to cover it completely. We climbed to the hills at the centre of the island, where we had a great view of the mainland. There is a Martello tower, which is accessible by a rope, (but only by those with good insurance policies!). There was lots for us to photograph: lovely flowers, weird furry caterpillars and lots of sea-birds.

Even though it is only a small island & close to the shore, it still felt like we were in the wilderness. It does one good to escape the rat-race and get ‘back to nature’. When we saw the boat returning, we were slightly sad to have to leave our island paradise. However, the rain which had started to bucket down and the thought of chips and tea ashore sent us scuttling back to the ship with lighter hearts. If you’ve never been to Ireland’s Eye, we heartily recommend it. Tell Greg NDBS sent ya!

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More pics here.