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NDBS trip to Loughcrew Cairns, August 2013

September 9th, 2013

On August 10th, our merry crew headed off to Co. Meath. Our Chariot came courtesy of The Gardai, who also supplied the charioteer, a very friendly chap called Mick. Our first stop was Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre, where friend of NDBS Paula showed us around the exhibition, telling us all about the stone-age people who lived in this region in the days before rock’n’roll. Thanks to all at Brú na Bóinne for looking after us so well!

Next stop was Loughcrew Cairns, an ancient burial site located splendidly atop the highest hill in Meath. On reaching the summit, we were rewarded with one of the best views in Ireland. A friendly local claimed that on a clear day, you could see most of the 32 counties. True or not, the view was incredible. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing as we climbed atop Cairn T, the biggest and most complete of the cairns.

The very helpful OPW guide Carmel led us into the interior of Cairn T, explaining its history and the incredible markings on the ancient stones.

This writer (and the group also) felt a serene joy, as if all the troubles of the world below had vanished. It was possible to imagine ourselves transported back to the time when Loughcrew was built, a time before bankers, before troikas, before property tax or any of the other scourges of modern life.

Of course, as we descended below, those reminders of reality threatened to return. But we can always close our eyes and once again stand atop the hill at Loughcrew.

Click on the fabulous pictures by Paula to enlarge.