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What we did on our holidays – Bundoran, July 2013

August 21st, 2013

Yvonne’s Story

Bundoran is a quiet seaside resort. There were about 22 people on the holiday, some new people came too. It was a very enjoyable trip. The NDBS staff were very helpful and supportive.

We stayed at The Bundoran Holiday Centre, the staff made us feel very welcome. Activities included swimming, bowling, cinema, day trips and more. Everyone felt rested after the trip. We all had a great time.

Noeleen’s Story

I have been going to Northside Befrienders for two years. Bundoran was my first trip away from home on my own. When we set off from Connolly Station, I was so excited. I sat with my friend Tina. The train journey was good, we had a snack and watched the world go by the window.

Our accommodation, The Bundoran Holiday centre, was lovely, very clean with fresh towels daily. I shared with Tina, we had a laugh. The weather was lovely. We went to the beach. The water was up to my waist. It was a bit scary, but I had a great time. We went for meals and they were gorgeous. I had a great holiday and was very sad when I had to come home.

I will always remember my time in Bundoran. I look forward to going again.

Saibh’s Story

Bundoran 2013 was thoroughly enjoyed by all. There were a lot of activities organised, but the first two days were spent relaxing. The weather was beautiful, a heatwave nearly every day. It was a hot 31 degrees on Saturday when we hit the beach.

Sunday was our night on the town, starting with karaoke, then we hit a local hostelry, where the best band in Bundoran played up a storm as we danced the night away. On Tuesday we went on a day tour, exploring all the beauty that County Donegal has to offer.

On Monday we went surfing, a sport Bundoran is justly famous for. It was exhilarating, tons of fun.  Afterwards, some of us even contemplated a career as a professional surfer!

These are just a few of the adventures we had in Bundoran. We all had a great time and really appreciated the kindness and support shown by the NDBS staff and also the staff in the holiday centre.

The build-up to Bundoran 2014 has already begun!

Saibh MacMahon