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Anti-Anxiety Strategies

October 5th, 2013

Be mindful of how you communicate with and about yourself, as negative thoughts can be self-fulfilling. When you find yourself worrying needlessly, take action to counterbalance unproductive thoughts.  See your anxiety as a little child,  Imagine talking to it like an adult talking to a child. Reassure it, and your negative self-talk can decrease . Try this with five negative thoughts a day. Meditating or listening to relaxing music can also help. Or try talking to a therapist, who can serve as a compass to guide you through your issues.

If these direct tactics don’t work, see a doctor for a thorough medical evaluation. A physician may or may not suggest medication, but the key is starting with an accurate diagnosis. Treatments will depend on the type of disorder. Certain medications work well with one disorder and not another. It’s very important to find out what type of disorder you have to be treated adequately and appropriately.

Anxiety is often a signal that it’s time to explore larger, long-ignored questions about our lives. Maybe you have regrets you want to address, which may be at the root of your anxiety.  It’s best to have a plan rather than fighting or ignoring it.


Excerpted from this article by Linda Melone.