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A poem by Canice Lawlor

August 5th, 2016


Savouring every tear.
You’ll be lucky,
To get in another beer,
Because it’s the end
For you for another year.

Look into your soul.
Dont let the bells toll.
Let your sight go.
As you enter another world,
You’ll be thinking of another bold
Year to come back from.

All that’s arranged
Is not engaged
In the fuller length of your age.
So let it go now,
Dont let the pro how,
You’ll be ringing Dav Id,
It’s all about to go down now,
So let’s have it, The shifts ave it.

You’ll have to clear the loo,
It’s no longer safe just being you.
Let go of it too.
It won’t take you away from yourself
Or have you cleaning delf,
Because self awareness is no awareness at all,
If it doesn’t have you clearing ball.

Take the initiative and go keech.
You’ll have the rest of the week
To be feeling meek.
The rest of the week
To be feeling weak.

This is not a tale of happiness,
But rather capturing this,
You can always go away feeling lighter
And that bit brighter,
Because after all it’s the end of the week,
You should be feeling meek
And not tread on other people’s beaks,
So by the end of the week,
You can savour every tear.


Canice is a leading light in Befrienders Dublin. He takes part in most of our activities & is currently enrolled in his second photography course with us. He is great fun to be around and his infectious laugh is a feature of our videos. The sometimes unconventional spellings in this poem are all deliberate. Canice also creates new words. We will be featurng more of his poetry in futire postings.