North Dublin Befriending Service


BefriendingBefriending is a relationship between a volunteer befriender and a befriendee which operates within a structural framework. This is usually a time-limited relationship which enables a person to widen their own social network, increase independence and make informed choices, so enabling them to live life to the full.

Who is the service For?

People over 18 with mental health difficulties and may:

  • Feel isolated.
  • Need someone to talk to.
  • Need help to reintegrate into their community.
  • Have goals they want to achieve.
  • Have hobbies they need help in pursuing.

Why Become a Befriender?

Isolation is a common problem for people suffering from mental illness. Research has shown support and social interaction is vital for people recovering from mental ill health.

But people with mental health difficulties are often cut off from family and friends because of their condition.

The stigma around mental illness can often mean that those with a mental illness struggle to reach out to people around them. This can create a vicious cycle – where people with mental health problems are isolated within the community even though they need support and friendship to help them get well.

Please contact Befrienders Dublin at:

Telephone/Fax: 01 838 7184