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Befrienders Dublin 2016 Photography Project – ‘Capturing The Moment’ – By The Photographers

December 7th, 2016


Canice Lawlor

The photography course was a great experience. Having something to do and somewhere to go on a Saturday made the weekends more exciting and something to look forward to.

Although I had done Photography in the past, I felt I still had new things to learn and it was important for me to become more competent at using the camera.

I met new people and enjoyed sharing our mutual interest in what we learned during the day. We always went out for a meal afterwards and I really enjoyed this.

I learned to be more relaxed and to move the camera around the subject in order to get good composition & exposure.  I learned you can do this without using high-end equipment.  Paula was very encouraging and supportive with this. The course was worthwhile and fun. (See Canice’s pictures here).


Nikki Phillipson

I really enjoyed the course. We went to great places and took interesting photos.

One day it was lashing rain, but we were still able to take great pictures.  My favourite photo was of the Molly Malone statue, it made me think of what her life must have been like.

I did the first photography project with Befrienders.  This time we were able to use the cameras better because we had more experience.  At the end of every trip we went for something to eat.  We chatted and socialized and made new friends and built on the friendships we already had. (See Nikki’s pictures here).


John Brien

I found this course was brilliant. Paula is a great tutor, I really got a lot of hints and advice, picture-wise, from her. One of the high lights was the Powerscourt Gardens as there was so much nice scenery to take good pictures of.

Also, the craic we had on the course was brilliant indeed and the other members were great too. I’ve made friends with them.

I very much enjoyed taking them to “Pun City” and “One Liner” street too. So thanks to Paula & Ann & Befrienders Dublin for the opportunity to do this course. (See John’s pictures here).


Kevin Duignan

I have been with the Befrienders for over four years. I did the first photography project and enjoyed it, so I was delighted to do this one. I learned from the experience of the last course. I got the opportunity of using a professional camera.

I enjoyed taking the pictures in the Botanic Gardens as it is an amazing place.

I really enjoyed meeting new people and old friends too.  We had the craic and enjoyed the whole process. I would like to thank Paula the teacher, who was great. (See Kevin’s pictures here).


Mary Donnelly

I really loved the course. I enjoyed taking the pictures and really got into it.

My favourite was the picture I took of the Sea Gull on the Wall of the Liffey. He just sat there and didn’t move until I took the picture. I felt like I really did capture that moment.

I learned many new things, met new people as well as keeping up with old friends from the last course in 2014.  We always went for something to eat and had a laugh afterwards. (See Mary’s pictures here).


Paul Galvin

We all enjoyed the photography course and hopefully it will take place again next year. We took pictures at different locations. Powerscourt was very enjoyable and the G.P.O. also. We went to Bray on the Dart one day and took pictures, it was great fun.

We also went to the Docklands area. One of the pictures I like is of part of the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Another of my favourites is a reflection of myself in the side of The Spire.

Another picture I took that I like was of a bee pollinating a flower in Stephen’s Green park. I also caught a juggler while he was jogging along the Liffey.  At the end of the course, we viewed our pictures on a big screen and selected the best. (See Paul’s pictures here).