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Befrienders Dublin hit Powerscourt Gardens & Waterfall – 13 Aug, 2016

September 1st, 2016

On a cloudy August Saturday, The Befrienders Dublin gang piled onto a bus & headed for Wicklow. First stop was Powerscourt Waterfall. At the entrance was a sign forbidding alcohol & anti-social behaviour. It was in English and Russian. This seemed an unnecessary slur on our friends from the former Soviet Union. Alas, as our driver whizzed past it, we were unable to obtain a photo of said sign as documentary proof.

The waterfall was, of course, very beautiful. This writer and Eileen both remarked how small it seemed compared to when we had visited (seperately) as younger dudes. We clambered over the rocks¬† to the waterfall and jostled the hordes of tourists for good photo opportunities (see below).¬† Our photography group were doing their own thing today also and could be spotted in various clumps beside photogenic trees, rocks and especially where the falls ‘niagarously roar’.

Our Glorious Leader Ann had prepared a sumptious feast & we spread out amongst the picnic tables and tucked in ravenously. At one point, one ingrate said ‘there’s no bread’. ‘Let them eat cake’, came the imperious reply from ‘Kim Jong Ann’. However, ‘Marie-Antoinette’ deigned to scurry around furiously (Our Furious Leader?) and eventually produced a sliced pan, to fulsome cheers all around.

When we arrived at the entrance to Powerscourt Gardens, our bus driver was incredulous at the narrow space through which he was expected to squeeze his behemoth (fnarr, fnarr). However, with great skill he managed to transport us between the pillars without a scratch and we all applauded wildly. The Gardens were very pretty and very, very spacious. You could spend a whole day doing the rounds. We satisfied ourselves with a few hours of walking & taking pictures & finished our day off with a cuppa in the (extremely busy) cafe overlooking the gardens.

If you’re going to Powerscourt Gardens, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. But seriously, go early and preferably off peak. I would also recommend bringing insect repellant. The midgets [sic] made a meal out of me and the following day I resembled The Elephant Man. These minor quibbles aside, we had a wonderful time. Thanks to Ann for masterminding the whole shebang and thanks to The National Lottery/HSE for making it possible & thanks to Paula for the great pictures.

Click on the fab thumbnails for the fab pics by Paula Geraghty!