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Befrienders Dublin visit Japanese Gardens & National Stud, 20 Aug 2016

September 9th, 2016

Saturday August  20th 2016 was a rainy, windy day. Alas, we had chosen that day to visit the Japanese Gardens/National Stud in Kildare. Some of our number were put off by the dreadful weather, but the hardy crew that met at the Gresham Hotel were rewarded by a (mostly) sunny trip.

The National Stud proved to be very interesting. None of our number were particularly ‘horsey’ (or inveterate gamblers). However, the tour guide gave us a very interesting insight into the goings-on of the Equine lot. We also saw several of the prize-winning horses (one of which was valued at €35 Million). ‘Surely a lure for crims to stage a Shergar-like heist?’ we wondered. ‘No chance’, said the guide, ‘the horses are kept in their stable at night, which is secured by a padlock’.  He showed us the stable & the lock in question wouldn’t keep out a ten-year old. My geuss is they secretly have killer robots with laser cannons to protect their ‘prize ponies’. 😉

After lunch, we strolled through the Japanese Gardens, which were, as you would expect, beautiful and tranquil. Ducks & swans wandered freely amongst the touristic throng. As you can see from the photos below, the mass of our party somehow got seperated from this photographer, which explains the preponderance of photos of Canice & Our Glorious Leader. However, we all met up again in the cafe where we had a final brew. After an afternoon in such serene and contemplative surroundings, we were ready to return to the noise and stress of ‘Dirty Dublin’.  Like when we left this morning, it was lashing rain when we returned.

Thanks to Ann for masterminding the event, thanks to The National Lottery/HSE & thanks to The National Stud/Japanese Gardens for a great day!

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