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In Memory of Barbara Lary

February 10th, 2015


Barbara Lary passed away on the 1st of October, 2014. When making the funeral arrangements, Barbara’s family asked that instead of flowers, people would instead make a donation (if they wished) to Befrienders Dublin. The following people very kindly donated a total of €1,351 to Befrienders Dublin:

Lindy Bryant.
Selina Cohen.
Mary Denny.
Christiane Durassier.
Kerry & Theresa Ford.
Nick and Janine Fredericksz
Lesley Gould.
Maggy & Dave Holmes.
Odhran Kelly.
Peter Lary.
Charlotte Lary.
Nick, Pavel, Tanya, and Ann Lary.
Richard (Neil) Bowman & Carole Mahoney.
Di McDonald.
Paris O’Donnell.
Susan Roebuck.
‘Cousin Sue.’
Marina Lary Walker and Park Walker.
Carole Young.


“I have not known Barbara for that long but definitely long enough to count Barbara amongst my friends. Lovely people never really die for the ones who really appreciated them, they stay in your thoughts.” Christiane Durassier.


Befrienders Dublin would like to thank Barabra’s Family and friends for their kindness and to assure them that the money they donated will greatly help us to continue to provide a much-needed service to our members.