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NDBS Photography Project 2014 – Part 1

March 8th, 2014


canice bio pic

Canice Lawlor

I joined the Befrienders 7 years ago. I did a one-to-one & enjoyed it so much that I joined the Blanchardstown Clubhouse. I was eager to get more involved. It’s helped to break down barriers. There have been many highlights over the years: going on trips, making friends, meeting people I never would have met if it wasn’t for the Befrienders.

It’s been very positive. I feel like I’ve changed and grown. That’s why I keep coming back. Since I’ve done this photography course, I learnt to have fun with the camera. I liked where we went to take pictures. I wouldn’t have normally gone to these places. It opened my eyes. I’ve now got a DSLR camera & have joined a camera club. I’ve a new lease of life.


Kevin Duignan

I’m a social person. Like my younger brother, I have the gift of the gab, but I used to be very shy. I joined Befrienders to mix with people & make new friends. I’m very happy because I can bring my guitar and play. We play pool and go on fun day trips. It’s different to the pub & that’s good!

Going to Bundoran was brilliant. I hadn’t had a holiday in a long time. The photography club was great.  Going to Liberty Hall was fantastic, but hard. I had to overcome my fear of heights. When you’re 16 floors up, everything seems so small. I had been in Liberty Hall before because I was in the union, but I’d never been on the roof. Jimmy, who works at reception, really put me at ease.  I’ve taken photographs before but not like this. I had a camera phone, but it got robbed. I got a new camera & now I can take loads of pictures.


Nikki Phillipson

I joined the Befrienders two years ago. The experience is good. We go on trips & its easier to meet people when you are out. You get to know people better. We do Bingo, Karaoke, Bowling, go to the cinema & on day trips. There’s a holiday once a year to Bundoran. Some people would never get a holiday without the Befrienders. Everyone is friendly & helpful & no one judges you.

I am very interested in taking photos & this course was an opportunity to make that happen. I learnt new photography skills.  We went to the Botanic Gardens and took good photos, even though it was raining. I liked being on top of Liberty Hall. I’ve never been up so high. We went outside to look down.  I’ve been looking forward to this exhibition. I’ve never been in a photographic exhibition before.


Mary Donnelly

I’ve been with the Befrienders since it started. I go on Wednesdays & sometimes to Blanchardstown on Thursday. I like it because we meet people, have outings, go for a meal or to the pictures. You’d be stuck in the house & never meet anyone otherwise & that can be lonely.

I like getting out & being with people. We have Christmas & Halloween parties as well.  I love the company & the great conversations. I enjoyed the photography course. Ireland’s Eye was breezy and beautiful. We took pictures of each other and of things we found like seagull feathers & caterpillars. The Botanic Gardens was nice. I enjoyed every minute of it.  There was a lovely display of a Scarecrow with lots of vegetables. I really got into it & I took good photographs.