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Testimony from one of our wonderful Volunteers

June 26th, 2013

I have been volunteering with the befriending service for a while now and find it just as worthwhile and rewarding as when I first started. The value of befriending someone is something we tend to misunderstand.

I have found that giving even an hour a week to socialise with and listen to someone, who may not feel worthy of human care and affection, can mean the world to that person. This can never be seen as something dull or not worthwhile in my eyes.

The service is backed up by a passionate team. They facilitate social groups and one-on-one match-ups. They give thorough training before you commence your meet-ups, where all possible issues and baselines are covered. There are always people on hand to talk if you are having any issues with your match-up.

There are also talks given by people who work in some area of mental-health, which volunteers are encouraged to attend. So there is a great support network. This volunteer work has had a positive impact on me as a human being. I’ve learned to appreciate others’ company and get that little kick of a feeling sometimes when I think: I’m helping somebody who may have thought they had no one.

Nothing can beat that feeling.

Saibh McMahon